Bahama Warbler Setophaga flavescens

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Bahama Warbler is restricted to Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands, where it is resident. This species is superficially similar to Yellow-throated Warbler (S. dominica) of the southeastern United States, and indeed was classified for many years as only a subspecies of Yellow-throated. Bahama Warbler is quite distinct, however, with more extensive yellow underparts, less white on the sides of the neck and a narrower white supercilium, a longer but more slender bill, and longer tarsi. Songs of the two species also differ, the song ascending in Bahama Warbler and descending in Yellow-throated. Bahama Warbler is restricted to stands of Caribbean Pine. Having long been classified as only a subspecies, however, little else is known about the biology of Bahama Warbler.

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