Yellow-naped Parrot Amazona auropalliata

  • Order: Psittaciformes
  • Family: Psittacidae
  • Polytypic: 3 subspecies
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The Yellow-naped Parrot is a member of the "Yellow-headed Parrot" complex, which is a taxonomically confusing group of birds. In general, members of this complex are large green parrots with a variable amount of yellow on the head. Yellow-naped Parrots (Amazona a. auropalliata) occur over the Pacific slope of Middle America from southern Mexico south to northwestern Costa Rica, and is almost entirely green, with a large patch of yellow on the nape. Similar populations are also found on the Atlantic coast, in eastern Honduras and northern Nicaragua (Amazona auropalliata parvipes). A third subspecies, Amazona auropalliata caribaea, is restricted to the Bay Islands off the northern coast of Honduras; in this subspecies, the forecrown also is yellow. The Yellow-naped Parrot occurs in tropical deciduous forest, gallery forest, savannas with scattered trees, and, on the Atlantic slope, in pine woods. Over most of its range the Yellow-naped Parrot remains uncommon to fairly common, but the insular subspecies, caribaea, appears to be rather rare.

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