Yellow-legged Tinamou Crypturellus noctivagus


Yellow-legged Tinamou is a rather widespread Brazilian endemic, which is found in forested areas, as well as in savanna woodlands and gallery forests. In the south of its range, this tinamou is basically restricted to the littoral, whereas further north it also occurs over the interior. The species occurs from southern PiauĂ­ and eastern Pernambuco south to Rio Grande do Sul, but especially in the north of this range the Yellow-legged Tinamou is now generally scarce, and forest clearance has led to declines in its population virtually throughout eastern Brazil. Its song, which may be heard almost day-long during the breeding season (probably the austral spring, at least in the south of the range) is a slowly delivered and somewhat mournful two- or four-noted a-oo oo-a-oo or a-oo oo-oo, which to some extents recalls that of the partially sympatric Solitary Tinamou (Tinamus solitarius). The species is sometimes encountered in small groups, and some observers have suggested that the males might gather at leks, but this remains unconfirmed to date.

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