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Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides



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Photos from this Account

Adult (Iceland)

Medium-sized, pale-gray gull. The color of the wingtips is highly variable, ranging from white (this individual) to dark gray. Breeding birds a red ring around the eye. Note somewhat slender bill.

Nonbreeding adult (Thayer's)

Highly variable gull, but in general it has a pale gray back and a slimmer bill than similar gulls. Nonbreeding Thayer's subspecies have darker gray wingtips and variable amounts of tan streaking on the head and neck.

Nonbreeding adult (Iceland)

Nonbreeding adults are pale gray above with a small amount of brownish streaking on the head and neck. Note the pale wingtips on this Iceland subspecies.

Nonbreeding adult (Thayer's)

On nonbreeding adults in flight, note that the primaries have a limited amount of white on them especially at the tips.

First winter (Iceland)

Highly variable gull. Pale first winter birds have tan streaking or spotting throughout. Note whitish wingtips that extend beyond tail when resting.

First winter (Thayer's)

Color of first-winter birds varies from milk chocolate to pale brown with spotting on the back and wings. Note dark wing tips that extend beyond the tail when resting.

First winter (Iceland)

Some first winter birds are pale with tan streaking. Note that the outer primaries are tan and white as opposed to a solid color.

First winter (Thayer's)

First winter birds are highly variable ranging from dark brown to pale brown. Smaller size and slender bill are useful features to separate from similar gulls.

First winter (Iceland)

First winter birds are variable, some are tan overall while others are much paler with tan streaking. The Iceland subspecies tends to be paler than the Thayer's subspecies. Note that the outer primaries are tan and white.

Immature (Thayer's)

Most often seen in the lower 48 during the winter where they can be found along seacoasts foraging close to shore, on beaches, and sometimes on lawns, and agricultural fields.

Immature (Iceland)

Smaller bodied gull with a slender bill compared to similar gulls. Highly variable gull.

Nonbreeding adult (Thayer's) with Herring Gulls

Compared to the Herring Gulls behind, note smaller size and slimmer bill.

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