Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay Aphelocoma woodhouseii



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Adult (Woodhouse's)

Large, lanky songbird with a long tail and a stout bill. Adults are light blue and gray above, with a whitish throat, grayish belly, and thin, partial breast band of pale blue.

Juvenile (Woodhouse's)

Long-bodied songbird. Juveniles have a grayer head than adults, but otherwise look similar.

Adult (Sumichrast's)

Residents in southern mainland Mexico are brighter blue above and whiter below with a darker ear patch and a less distinct necklace.

Adult (Woodhouse's)

Pale blue and gray above with gray underparts and a thin partial necklace across the chest.

Adult (Woodhouse's)

In good light, they can look much brighter blue.

Adult (Woodhouse's)

Often perches on exposed branches watching its surroundings. Note the partial and indistinct blue necklace.


Found in open habitats and pinyon-juniper woodlands of interior western North America, as well as backyards and pastures.

Recommended Citation

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