Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo



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Very large game bird. Displaying males look almost spherical, with naked, red-and-blue head and fanned tail.


Very large game bird with long neck and legs. Females are dark brown overall with even darker barring.


Often roosts in trees. These heavy birds fly short distances to take cover. Takes flight with a flurry of loud, labored wingbeats.


Male has a relatively small, bare head with blue skin and red wattles.


Very large game bird. Females have bare skin on the head and are dark brown overall, with a coppery sheen to the rump and tail. When open, the wings show white barring.


Juveniles can leave the nest upon hatching, but mothers care for their young into the first fall.


Occurs in woods mixed with open country; often forages by scratching in leaf litter. Females and adult males typically form separate flocks; female flocks can be up to 30 in summer, larger in winter.

Recommended Citation

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