Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor



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Distribution of the Wilson's Phalarope
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Distribution in the Americas

It distributes in western and central U.S. and Canada. Winters from northern Peru to Uruguay and Land of Fire; rarely in northern Mexico, migrating through the west country in the coast and inland.

Phalaropus tricolor is a migratory species. In Mexico is rare to uncommon. It has been estimated that the range of occurrence of this species is approximately 3,800,000 km2, global population is estimated around 1,500,000 individuals.

Distribution outside the Americas

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In the reproductive area, inhabits in marshes, meadows and pastures near bodies of water, also in grassland and marshes. After the breeding season remain near large, deep and hypersaline lakes, and occasionally near shore in lagoons and estuaries. Winters in open waters, in saline and deep lagoons. Is found from sea level to 2500 m.

Historical changes

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Recommended Citation

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