White-wedged Piculet Picumnus albosquamatus


The White-wedged Piculet is an inhabitant of gallery forest and cerrado from central Brazil west to Bolivia and Paraguay.  The White-wedged Piculet has warm brown upperparts and a black crown; the feathers of the forecrown of the male are tipped with red. The feathers of the throat and breast are white, bordered with black, forming a scaled appearance on the underparts. This piculet is similar in size and appearance to several other species of Picumnus in central South America, such as the White-barred Piculet Picumnus cirratus and the Ochre-collared Piculet Picumnus temminckii of southeastern South America, and with the Ocellated Piculut Picumnus dorbignyanus of the Andes. The White-wedged Piculet apparently hybridizes with each of these species, where their ranges adjoin. Otherwise little is known about the foraging and breeding habits of the White-wedged Piculet.

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