White-throated Woodpecker Piculus leucolaemus

  • © Daniel Lane

Sometimes regarded as being conspecific with the Lita Woodpecker (Piculus litae), which is only found west of the Andes and has a black rather than white throat, the White-throated Woodpecker was long considered to be restricted to upper Amazonia, but is now known to occur much further east, albeit probably discontinuously, across Amazonian Brazil. The species’ biology is very little known, although most aspects of its behavior appear similar to those of other Piculus species, including its apparently regular participation in mixed-species flocks, either singly or in pairs. The White-throated Woodpecker seems to be generally uncommon, or even rare, across much of its range, although it might easily go overlooked, being passed off as another, commoner congeneric.

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