White-throated Sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis



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Large, plump sparrow with long tail and fairly small bill. Bold face pattern with black and white crown stripes, yellow spot between eye and bill, and neat white throat patch on gray face and breast.


Large, plump sparrow with long tail and small bill. In "tan-striped" form, individuals have lower contrast head pattern with brown stripes on the head instead of white. Often found among "white-striped" individuals.


Large, plump sparrow with small bill and rounded head. Immatures have brown-and-black head stripes, less yellow before the eye, and faint streaks on the breast.


Large sparrow with small grayish bill. Upperparts are reddish brown with dark brown streaks. Underparts grayish with neat white throat patch.


White throat sometimes outline with black line. Two white wingbars on rich reddish brown wings.


Typically found on or near the ground in forests with dense shrubby understory.

Recommended Citation

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