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White-throated Manakin Corapipo gutturalis

  • © Anselmo d'Affonseca

The White-throated Manakin is considered to probably form a superspecies with the White-ruffed Manakin (Corapipo altera) and the White-bibbed Manakin (Corapipo leucorrhoa); the three species are entirely allopatrically distributed, with both of the latter species being found to the west of the present species. Adult male White-throated Manakins should be easily identified throughout their range, as the nearly all-black plumage and highly contrasting white throat patch are entirely unique in the Guiana Shield, where the species is distributed from southern Venezuela across all three of the Guianas and south to northeastern Brazil north of the Amazon. The species is principally found in tall humid forest but also in montane forest, and occasionally at borders and in clearings. The White-throated Manakin’s displays are centered on a fallen log, which is moss-covered and usually free of obstructing vegetation, on which the males generally prefer one small area, and at larger logs several males sometimes display simultaneously but not synchronously or cooperatively.

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