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White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis


The White-rumped Sandpiper is considered part of the group of smaller Calidris known as “peeps” although it is larger than all other than the Baird’s Sandpiper (Calidris bairdii). Like the Baird’s this is a very long-winged sandpiper, testament to the fact that it spends long periods of time on the wing due to its incredibly long migration from Arctic breeding areas to Patagonian wintering grounds. Of the smaller Calidris only the Baird’s flies this far south, in fact the White-rumped has been found as a vagrant on Antarctica! The wintering distribution of the White-rumped is to the east of that of the Baird’s although they overlap widely; however it would be unusual to find a White-rump on the Pacific Coast. It is also much more of a mudflat loving species, than the Baird’s of moist grasslands. The migration of this sandpiper is not well known, but appears to include long non-stop flights. Indeed a large proportion stage in James and Hudson Bays as well as the Bay of Fundy in the Maritimes, they fatten up and appear to fly directly non-stop over the Atlantic to the coast of the Guianas, then farther south to wintering sites in southern South America. The spring migration is largely through the central region of North America, so like many shorebirds an elliptical migration route is used.

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