White-capped Dipper Cinclus leucocephalus


The White-capped Dipper a striking inhabitant of fast-moving clear water streams and rivesr along middle elevations in the northern Andes; and is the northernmost of South America's two dipper species. The White-capped Dipper can be easily seen as it moves between rocks and dives to seach for aquatic invertebrates, often making short flights to new foraging locations individually or in pairs; and occasionally in small family groups. The White-capped Dipper also forages by walking slowly along barely submerged rocks and flashing its white wing patches, presumably to scare potential prey items from their refugia. The White-capped Dipper is blackish overall, with a white throat, crown, and nape. When in flight, the White-capped Dipper gives a  strongand distinctive chink! repeatedly, making it easy to pick up on as it flies by.

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