White-bellied Chachalaca Ortalis leucogastra


White-bellied Chachalacas are residents of the Pacific slope of Central America from southern Mexico south to western Nicaragua. Plain in coloration, the White-bellied Chachalaca has a dull white belly that contrasts with its brown breast. These birds are associated with swamp forest, second growth scrub, and mangroves but also drier habitats such as dry forest, pastures and plantation edges. The White-bellied Chachalaca forages in groups of 6 or more birds, targeting fruit and berries. Coyal palm dates are a favorite of this species, but they will also feed on leaves, buds, flowers and some invertebrates. Nests consist of loosely built platforms lined with flattened leaves and are found 5 to 10 meters above the ground. Tolerant of human disturbance, these birds are common across most of their range.

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