Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta



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Breeding adult

Chunky, short-tailed grassland bird with a flat head, a long, slender bill, and a round-shouldered posture. Breeding adults have bright yellow underparts with a prominent black V on the chest.


Chunky, short-tailed grassland bird with a flat head and a long, slender bill. Nonbreeding birds are heavily streaked above with pale yellow underparts and a faint brown V on the chest.

Breeding adult

Chunky grassland bird with round-shouldered posture. Note white outer tail feathers, most obvious in flight.


Flat-headed grassland bird with a long, pointed bill. Note entirely yellow throat.


Nonbreeding birds are paler yellow than breeding birds. Note paler head stripes and entirely yellow throat.


Found in grasslands and agricultural fields.

Recommended Citation

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