Vitelline Warbler Setophaga vitellina


More or less confined to the Cayman Islands, where it is present on all three islands, the Vitelline Warbler is otherwise found only on the Swan Islands, off the coast of Honduras. On all of the islands where it occurs, this species is apparently generally fairly common. Three subspecies have been described, and these principally differ in upperparts coloration and head pattern. For North American observers, this warbler’s appearance will be most reminiscent of the Prairie Warbler (Dendroica discolor) given the olive-green upperparts, yellow supercilium and ear coverts, pale yellowish wing bars, and principally bright yellow underparts, with some black markings especially at the sides. These latter are considerably weaker and less striking than those shown by Prairie Warblers. Vitelline Warbler is an inhabitant of arid scrubby woodland, sometimes even ranging into urban areas, but surprisingly little has been published concerning its ecology and behavior.

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