Guianan Trogon Trogon violaceus

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The Guianan Trogon was recently split from Violaceous Trogon along with Gartered Trogon and Amazonian Trogon and ranges from Venezuela, the Guianas, northern Brazil to the island of Trinidad.  The Guianan Trogon is similar to the other two "Violaceous" Trogons with a black with iridescent blue on the head and neck, bright iridescent green back, rump and upper central tail retrices, orange-yellow breast and belly seperated from the black throat by a white band.  The under tail barred black and white with white tips to the retrices  A habitat generalist ranging from sea level to 1000 meters, it is found in primary and secondary forests, clearings, savanna forests and plantations. A cavity nester, it uses a variety of substrates for it's excavated nests, including wasp nests, termitaria, decaying wood and arboreal plant root masses.

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