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Tropical Parula Setophaga pitiayumi



The nest is built by the female. During the breeding season, defending their nesting territories and both parents are responsible for the care of the chicks. Most of their reproductive behaviors are unknown.

Breeding occurs from April to July in southern United States. It prefers to nest in forests with abundant epiphytes. The nest is a cup built into groups of hanging epiphytes from different species, the cup is made with thin grass, moss, roots, bark plates and inflorescences; woven with hair, fluffy fibers and feathers. The nest is completely covered by epiphytes and has a side entrance, but occasionally can have another entry in the top, it is located in the forest at mid- levels (2 to 12 m). Puts 3-4 eggs, sub-elliptical, smooth and slightly shiny, white with reddish-brown spots, measures 16 x 12 mm.

Recommended Citation

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