Trindade Petrel Pterodroma arminjoniana



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Distribution of the Trindade Petrel
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Distribution in the Americas

It breeds on Trindade and Martín Vaz islands off the coast of Espírito Santo, Brazil. A Pterodroma sp. breeding on Round Island, Mauritius, may refer to this species.

It is considered a rare but irregular visitor to waters around Clipperton and southern of Islas Revillagigedo. It was considered abundant on Trindade in 1913 and 1986. Surveys in the mid-1990s have indicated that the Trindade population numbers 2,000-5,000 individuals. Global population was estimated in 2004 at 15,000 individuals; although in 2008 estimates suggest the total may be as low as 1,130 individuals.

Distribution outside the Americas

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This bird is mostly pelagic and coming to nesting grounds only to breed. For breeding it chooses warm islands. They use the highest places of the cliffs, although some individuals have been observed near sea level.

Historical changes

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