Townsend's Solitaire Myadestes townsendi



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Medium-sized thrush with a long tail, a short bill, and a small rounded head. Gray overall with a prominent white eyering. Note buffy patches in the wing.


Round-headed thrush with a long tail. Juveniles are dark gray overall and heavily spotted with buff and white, giving them a scaly look.


Medium-sized thrush with a round head and long tail. Gray overall with a white eyering. Note white outer tail feathers, more noticeable in flight.


Buffy wing patches and white outer tail feathers are often prominent in flight.


Eats a lot of fruit during the nonbreeding season. Adults are gray overall with a white eyering.


In the winter, moves south or to lower elevations to feed on juniper berries which they aggressively defend.


Found in open pine, fir, and spruce forests in mountainous regions from about 1,100–11,500 feet elevation.

Recommended Citation

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