Ticking Doradito Pseudocolopteryx citreola


This name, Ticking Doradito, has little history as it was invented merely a few years ago to describe this species that had been for a long time included in Warbling Doradito (Pseudocolpteryx flaviventris). Based on its larger size and Chilean distribution the name citreola was originally given to this doradito which at that point was known only from Chile. Eventually revisions of museum specimens concluded that citreola was not distinct enough to be maintained and the name was lost, as citreola was not deemed worthy even as a subspecies. In the 80s and 90s field work in Chile began to determine that the Chilean populations of Warbling Doradito had a radically different song than the form from eastern South America. Eventually it was this distinctive ticking song that allowed for citreola not only to be reinstated as a name, but as a valid species separate from the Warbling Doradito. Visually the two are nearly identical, although Ticking Doradito is larger and may be slightly more color saturated. In the last decade it was also determined that there are populations of Ticking Doradito breeding on the Argentine side of the Andes, from Mendoza to Salta provinces. Some of these deem more work, as their songs show moderate differences from that of Chilean birds. Ticking Doradito is migratory: they disappear entirely from Chile in the winter months, and it is thought that they may winter in Bolivia. During the breeding season they are found at the edge of marshes, where some woody or shrubby vegetation is found adjacent to the marsh, often in places where in the middle of summer the marsh dries up rather than remains wet through the season. Ticking Doradito is a rather patchily distributed and generally low abundance bird, its conservation status needs to be assessed!

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