Tepui Parrotlet Nannopsittaca panychlora

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The Tepui Parrotlet is a small, green parrot found in Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela where its natural habitat consists of subtropical or tropical, moist, lowland forests and subtropical or tropical, moist, montane forests. These gregarious parrots are social birds that are usually seen in flocks of 50 or more individuals searching for figs and other fruits. Due to the restricted range and general rareness of this species, a lot more research needs to be done on the Tepui Parrotlet's breeding biology. Despite its restricted range, the Tepui Parrotlet's population is believed to be stable and consequently has not been placed on any threatened species lists, but more work needs to be done on this species' population biology. The main threats to the Tepui Parrotlet are habitat disturbance and fragmentation resulting from human activities, and the caged-bird trade.

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