Tataupa Tinamou Crypturellus tataupa


Tataupa Tinamou has a comparatively large range that covers much of the eastern third of South America, but also incorporates parts of Peru and Bolivia. It is principally found in semideciduous woodland, second growth, and occasionally more open areas, including field edges. Four subspecies are generally recognized, which largely differ in overall coloration and size. In general, this species somewhat resembles Small-billed Tinamou (Crypturellus parvirostris), but is marginally larger overall, and has a bright red bill, and dark purplish legs. The upper side is principally dark brown, while the underparts are rather paler, mainly grayish with a white throat, and a pinkish-buff belly. Like many tinamous, despite being relatively abundant and wide-ranging, rather little is known concerning the life history of the Tataupa Tinamou.

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