Star-throated Antwren Rhopias gularis

  • © Dario Sanches

Recent genetic data, which simultaneously confirmed the distinction of those antwrens now placed in the genus Epinecrophylla, found that the Star-throated Antwren might also be better placed in a genus other than Myrmotherula. Given its stippled throat pattern, this species might be assumed to belong with the Amazonian and trans-Andean species now placed in Epinecrophylla, but the Star-throated Antwren constructs a quite different nest, and its foraging behavior also appears to separate the species. The Star-throated Antwren is endemic to southeastern Brazil, where it remains close to the ground in evergreen forest, from sea level to mid elevations, and is often found near streams and in ravines. It occasionally joins mixed-species flocks in the understory, but is more usually found alone or in pairs.

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