Steinbach's Canastero Pseudasthenes steinbachi

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The Steinbach’s Canastero has also been known as the Chestnut Canastero. It is endemic to Argentina; found from Salta in the north to Mendoza in the south. Its abundance appears to be greater in the southern half of its range. Recent molecular evidence suggests that this along with three other species should be separated into the genus Pseudasthenes as they are not closely related to true Asthenes canasteros. In parts of Argentina the Steinbach’s may be present sympatrically with the Creamy-breasted Canastero (Asthenes dorbignyi); the Steinbach’s shows a grey crown and back, and strongly rufous tones to the rear half of the bird, the outer edge of the tail (at least two feathers) are entirely rufous, and other rectrices are edged in rufous at their bases. The Steinbach’s Canastero is found in shrubby lower slopes of the Argentine Andes, as well as inter-andean rainshadow valleys. It is a poorly known species.

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