Spot-breasted Antvireo Dysithamnus stictothorax


The Spot-breasted Antvireo is a resident of the coastal region of southeastern Brazil from Bahia south to Santa Catariana and northeastern Argentina. Male Spot-breasted Antvireos have a gray forehead and crown with white spots on the side of the head, grayish olive upperparts, blackish wings and a whitish breast with large dark spots. Overall females are more olive than males and have a chestnut crown. These birds inhabitant the understory and mid-story of lowland and montane evergreen forest. Spot-breasted Antivireos are usually encountered alone or in pairs, but are at times seen in mixed species flocks that include Plain Antvireos (Dysithamnus mentalis) and drymophila species. These birds are acrobatic foragers and are often seen hopping through vine tangles and bamboo thickets, twitching their wings continuously and stretching or hanging on leaves to reach prey.

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