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Slaty Thrush Turdus nigriceps

  • © Diana Bradshaw

Slaty Thrush is an austral migrant songbird of central South American forest and parkland.  The species has a curiously disjunct distribution, with one population living in the central Andes below 2000 meters and the other in the lowlands of southern Brazil and adjacent countries.  Males are dark gray above and pale gray below with yellow bill and eyering, fleshy legs, white throat streaked black, and white lower belly and crissum.  Females are similarly patterned but with dull brown replacing the male's slaty upperparts.  The Andean and Eastern birds are similar, with the Eastern ones being paler in coloration.  The species is sometimes split into Andean Slaty Thrush (as T. nigriceps) and Eastern Slaty Thrush (as T. subalaris), though currently the two taxa are considered conspecific as T. n. nigriceps and T. nigriceps subalaris.

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Song (Andean)

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