Scrub Blackbird Dives warczewiczi

  • © John McKean

The Scrub Blackbird is a fairly common and ubiquitous roadside bird in the generally arid coastal regions of western Ecuador to southwest Peru. It is a mid-sized all-black icterid, with a relatively short tail but long legs, as well as a rather long slightly decurved bill, and the species is frequently found in small flocks in open wooded and agricultural areas. Confusion is most likely with male Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis), but the latter species is smaller, shorter legged, shorter billed, and has more glossy plumage. Principally ground-dwelling, at least when feeding, nonetheless the birds prefer to remain reasonably close to cover, to which they can fly if danger is perceived nearby. Scrub Blackbirds are generally found at elevations below 1500 m, although there are records from Peru as high as 3000 m.

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