Scarlet-hooded Barbet Eubucco tucinkae

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The New World barbets are closely aligned with the toucans, and are typically very colorful. The Scarlet-hooded Barbet is one of the more striking species, the male having an entirely blood-red hood and breast. It is a monotypic species restricted to southeastern Peru, western Brazil, and northern Bolivia. Its range overlaps with Lemon-throated Barbet (Eubucco richardsoni), but in comparison is generally less common. and is highly associated with forest along rivers with understory stands of Guadua bamboo. The Scarlet-hooded Barbet is sexually dimorphic, with the female lacking the full red hood of the male, with the red on the head confined to the crown and cheek. Vocalizations very different from Lemon-throated Barbet. Mainly forages on insects, but also sometimes on Cecropia fruit.

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