Scarlet-breasted Dacnis Dacnis berlepschi


Diet and Foraging


The Sclarlet-breasted Dacnis is probably omnivorous like other species in the genus, feeding on insects, small fruits, and perhaps nectar (Hilty and Brown 2001, Hilty 2011). For example, it has been observed eating the Müllerian bodies of Cecropia (Urticaceae) as well as aggregating with other insectivorous birds foraging on flying insects attracted to Trichospermum sp. (Tiliaceae) flowers at the forest edge (Múnera 2014). This species will join mixed-species flocks and forage in the canopy to sub-canopy (Múnera 2014).

Foraging Behavior

Very little has been reported on foraging behavior in this species. The are about equally reported singly, or pairs, or small family groups as they are with mixed-species foraging flocks (Hilty 2011). They appear to prefer foraging in dense foliage within the canopy or lower at edges when these areas have dense vegetation (Hilty 2011). They are reported to call rapidly when foraging (Restall et al. 2006), and to catch insect aerially (Múnera 2014).

Recommended Citation

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