Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea



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Breeding male

Stocky songbird with a thick blunt-tipped bill. Breeding males are unmistakable with bright red bodies and black wings and tails.


Medium-sized rather stocky songbird. Females/immatures are olive-yellow with darker wings and tails.

Nonbreeding male

Nonbreeding males look like females, but have darker black wings and tail.

Breeding male

Chunky songbird with brilliant red plumage. Some males may have more orangish feathers on the back.

Breeding male

Some males have orangish feathers in the wing that could be leftover from molting into breeding plumage.

Nonbreeding male
Breeding males
Breeding male

Breeds in large tracts of deciduous and mixed deciduous-evergreen forests.

Recommended Citation

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