Rufous-throated Solitaire Myadestes genibarbis

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In an area where the Rufous-throated Solitaire is common, a chorus of their far-reaching, hauntingly melodic and beautiful song is the dominant forest noise of dusk, and is the daily soundtrack for the setting sun. This species is heard far more often than seen, as it forages slowly in the canopy, and will often cease vocalization when an observer approaches. It feeds on small fruits and berries, and generally travels alone or in mixed-species flocks. This species has two disjunct populations, occuring both in Jamaica and Hispanoila, and in the Lesser Antilles on Dominica, Martinique, St, Lucia, and St. Vincent. On all these islands, the Rufous-throated Solitaite inhabits humid montane forest.

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Song (Rufous-throated)

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