Rufous-throated Dipper Cinclus schulzii


The Rufous-throated Dipper is a distinctive and very range restricted species of dipper, it is only found in the subtropical zone on the east slopes of the Andes in southernmost Bolivia and Northwestern Argentina. As is typical of all dippers it is restricted to streams, preferring those with ample flow and cool and clean water. The Rufous-throated Dipper is gray throughout with a blue tint to the plumage, and shows a noticeable rufous patch on the throat and upperbreast. The wings have a white wing stripe which they make prominent through flicking of the outer wing when the dipper is perched on a streamside rock. Unlike the northern American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus), the two South American species, one of which is the Rufous-throated, they do not dive beneath the water to feed. Rufous-throated Dippers swim and peck at food on rocks, and will dip into the water to forage, but they do not remain submerged and swim under water as does the northern species. The Rufous-throated Dipper needs shaded, cold water streams, disturbance of the areas upstream and increases in water turbidity, or removal of the vegetation adjacent to the watercourses they use negatively affects the dippers, making them quite vulnerable to habitat change.

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