Rusty-margined Guan Penelope superciliaris


The Rusty-margined Guan is a common and widespread guan of tropical and subtropical forest of eastern South America south of the Amazon River. It can be found throughout much of eastern Brazil, Paraguay, eastern Bolivia, and extreme Northeast Argentina. The Rusty-margined Guan inhabits a wide variety of habitats within its range, from dry chaco scrub and cerrado to the low humid forests of southwest Brazil and Northeast Argentina. It has a pale to buff supercilium, and is overall dark olive to brownish, with reddish edges ot the wing coverts and scapulars. Though often surprisingly difficult to locate, once spotted, it is usually confiding and can often  allow for close approach and extended views, especially when perched in a low tree. The Rusty-margined Guan forages on the ground and in trees, where it eats fruit and seeds.

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