Rusty-fronted Canastero Asthenes ottonis

  • © Kristian Svensson

One of several canasteros that is endemic to Peru, the Rusty-fronted Canastero is a poorly known bird confined to the Andes of the south centre of the country. It is fairly common, albeit local, and occurs in dense scrub including that dominated by cacti, but is also found, much more rarely in Polylepis woodland. Its altitudinal range spans 2900–4000 m. Within its limited range and habitat, the Rusty-fronted Canastero is the only largely brown, long-tailed bird species, with a small rufous bib, warm brown wings, and dusky streaking. Pairs generally forage in close proximity, running on the ground occasionally, but generally remaining deep in cover and most easily detected by voice.

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