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Rufous-backed Robin Turdus rufopalliatus

  • © Jorge Alberto Duque-S├ínchez

Undoubtedly one of the most attractively plumaged thrushes in Middle America, the Rufous-backed Robin is endemic to Mexico, where it is reasonably widespread and common over western and central areas of the country. Males have a gray head, with a white throat that is neatly streaked with black, a deep rufous mantle and wing coverts, becoming gray over the wings and tail, and principally orange-chestnut underparts. Females are similar, but generally duller and less contrastingly plumaged. A separate population recognized at nomenclatural level, and sometimes even treated specifically, as Grayson’s Thrush (Turdus graysoni) is endemic to the Tres Marías Islands. In this taxon, the rufous coloration of mainland populations is replaced by brown, and the underparts are largely dull buff. The Rufous-backed Thrush is found in a wide variety of forest types, from semi-arid to humid, and at elevations ranging from sea level to at least 1500 m.

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Song (Rufous-backed)

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