Rose-headed Parakeet Pyrrhura rhodocephala


The Rose-headed Parakeet is restricted to the Andes of western Venezuela, where it occurs in humid montane forest at ca 1500-2500 m. It is the only species of Pyrrhura parakeet within its range. The entire head is not red, but the crown is bright rose ret. There also is a small red area on the auriculars, but otherwise the remainder of the head is green; a frequently used alternative English name is Rose-crowned Parakeet. The most striking feature is the white of the primary coverts, which contrasts with the blue primaries and the green body plumage. As do other species of Pyrrhura, Rose-headed Parakeets fly in small, close flocks, often in twisting flight through the canopy, but this species is more likely than of Pyrrhura to visit open areas away from forest. The Rose-headed Parakeet is fairly common, and despite its restricted geographic range it is not classified as a threatened species.

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