Red-legged Seriema Cariama cristata



Nest in low trees, with nests commonly found between 1 to 3 meters off the ground in trees growing in open grassland.  Both sexes will participate in the building process.  The nest itself is assembled with twigs and branchse, and is lined with mud and leaves.  Construction usualy takes about one month.  Eggs are most commonly laid in clutches of 2. After a 27-28 day incubation, they hatch, and both of the parents take responsibility for feeding the chicks. They will often bring lizards or snakes back to their nests in order to feed their young. Whenever a bird approaches it nest, it will approach the tree on foot, before jumping from the ground into the nest.  The chicks are called down by the parents to leave the nest at about 12-15 days (Redford & Peters 1986).

Recommended Citation

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