Red-faced Guan Penelope dabbenei


This guan is found only in Yungas Forest along the eastern slope of the Andes from S Bolivia to NW Argentina, as such it has a relatively small range. Its preference is for humid and relatively tall montane forests, particularly larger tracts of forest, being particularly fond of Alder (Alnus sp.) dominated forests. It is attracted to fruiting trees, such as mulberry (Morus insignis). The Red-faced is a medium-sized Penelope guan with red facial skin, and relatively large red throat wattles. As with most in this group it is a long-tailed, brown bird with whitish scaling on the neck, breast and back, although the Red-faced Guan also shows a prominent whitish supercilium and reddish legs. The population appears to be declining due to habitat destruction, but it is considered not yet to have crossed a threshold to list it as threatened.

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