Redhead Aythya americana

  • © Rolando Ch├ívez

The Redhead is a beautiful duck of North America that barely makes it into the Neotropics.  Redheads winter from the Yucatan Peninsula north through Mexico and throughout much of the United States, having migrated south from their breeding grounds in Alaska and the prairies of southern Canada and the northcentral United States.  While they typically are rare south of Tamaulipas, Mexico, Redheads have been recorded as far south as Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Nicaragua.  Males are striking, with a lovely maroon rust head with a blue-gray bill tipped in black, grizzled gray wings and body, and black chest and rear end.  Females are dull brown overall with pale faces and spectacles.  Redheads form large wintering flocks, often with other species of diving ducks, and feed on molluscs as well as aquatic vegetation.

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