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Red-cowled Cardinal Paroaria dominicana



The only information about reproduction is presented by Restall (1974) who describes efforts to breed the Red-cowled Cardinal in captivity. His description includes some aspects of this tanager’s breeding habits as well as whether the breeding was successful. According to Restall (1974), the male was not very concerned with gathering materials to build the nest nor was he really concerned with the actually building of the nest or brooding. However, when the birds hatched his interest peaked and he became lively with providing food and care, helping feed the hatchlings maggots—preferably in the pupated stage. Restall (1974) describes the clutch to include 2-3 eggs appearing to be greenish blue in color with interspersed brown blotches and spots. The incubation period is not known, however, while the female brooded over the eggs the male was seen to be singing the characteristic song of the Red-cowled Cardinal constantly (Restall 1974). Several days before a second clutch was hatched Restall (1974) noticed that both parents seemed to be furiously rejecting their young from the first clutch. Additionally, Restall (1974) concludes that breeding this tanager is not very simple and that other acquaintances did not have any success at breeding them.

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