Russet-crowned Quail-Dove Zentrygon goldmani


The Russet-crowned Quail-Dove is considered to be locally common within its small range, which principally encompasses eastern Panama with a small extension into far northwestern Colombia. Locally it occurs down to just 90 m, but mostly the Russet-crowned Quail-Dove is found at elevations of 750 to 1600 m. Habitat destruction has impacted its haunts at lower altitudes, but higher up its forests are probably still largely intact. Because the species’ range is still very little explored by ornithologists almost nothing has been published concerning the Russet-crowned Quail-Dove’s ecology and behavior. Two subspecies are recognized within its tiny distribution, with the more recently described G. g. oreas being entirely confined to a single mountain in eastern Panama. Sometimes also called the Goldman’s Quail-Dove, this and its scientific name commemorate the important contributions of Major E. A. Goldman to our knowledge of the birds and mammals of Middle America.

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