Red-and-green Macaw Ara chloropterus

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The Red-and-Green Macaw is a colorful and recognizable parrot that can be found from eastern Panama through Colombia and from Venezuela east to Brazil and south to Paraguay and Bolivia. As the name suggests, the Red-and-Green Macaw is primarily red with green greater and median wing-coverts. This bird’s primaries are blue and has blue scattered throughout the rump and tail. Similar in appearance, the  Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) lacks the green wing-coverts of the Red-and-Green Macaw. The Red-and-Green Macaw is a resident of humid lowland evergreen forest and tropical deciduous forest, as well as occasionally savannas and llanos. These large parrots nest in holes in trees, as wells cavities in sandstone cliffs. Although this species is not globally threatened, Red-and-Green Macaws are targeted by the pet trade are in decline at the edges of their range.

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