Purple-winged Ground-Dove Claravis geoffroyi

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This bamboo-dependent, forest-based, ground-dove is now considered to be Critically Endangered, and sightings anywhere within its range are unquestionably now extremely rare. There are virtually no documented records within the last two decades, and very few published reports of any description. The species is confined to southeastern South America, from eastern Brazil, at least formerly as far north as Bahia, south to northeastern Argentina, and eastern Paraguay. The Purple-winged Ground-Dove most closely recalls the much commoner and more widespread Blue Ground-Dove (Claravis pretiosa). Males are slate-blue above, with a whitish face and belly, two or three dark purple bands on the wing, dark red legs, and a blackish bill, whilst females are matt brown with a paler belly and throat, less obvious wing bands, and dark brown legs. Long known by the scientific name Claravis godefrida, recent research has suggested that the correct specific name is geoffroyi.

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