Puerto Rican Parakeet Psittacara maugei

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Puerto Rican Parakeet long was confused with Hispaniolan Parakeet (Psittacara chloroptera), and was classified as only a poorly defined subspecies of chloroptera. The recognition of Puerto Rican Parakeet as a separate species comes much too late. Formerly it occurred on Puerto Rico and on adjacent Mona Island, but was extirpated by Puerto Rico by the middle of the 19th century, and last was reported on Mona Island in 1892. Differences in bill structure between Puerto Rican and Hispaniolan parakeets presumably are correlated with differences in diet, but very little is known about the biology of this species. Other differences between the two species are that Puerto Rican Parakeet lacks red along the leading edge of the wing (a feature that is conspicuous in Hispaniolan), but its underwing coverts are extensively red (mostly green in Hispaniolan, with only a limited area of red).

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