Plumbeous Warbler Setophaga plumbea


The Plumbeous Warbler is a resident of Guadelupe and Dominica islands in the central Lesser Antilles. The Plumbeous Warbler is fairly common in most habitat types and elevations, though may be absent from the highest elevation elfin forest. This species can be found commonly in dry scrub, mangroves, rainforest, coffee plantations, forest edge, and disturbed habitats. The Plumbeous Warbler can eaily be detected by it warbling, whistled, and musical song which it gives throughout the day, and especially at dawn, or its similar but quiet whisper song, which it gives often mid-day. When aggravated, this species will give a long,  rolling rattle, reminiscent of a Scytalopus tapaculo. This species is quite distinctive, with the male showing all gray plumage with a white supercilium and wingbars; and the female showing a similar pattern with a greenish wash to the plumage.

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