Plumbeous Pigeon Patagioenas plumbea

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A widespread resident across much of the northern two-thirds of South America, from Colombia south to Paraguay and southeast Brazil, the Plumbeous Pigeon exhibits some degree of vocal variation across this broad geographical distribution, hinting at the possibility that more than one species is in fact involved. Five subspecies are currently recognized, which differ principally in their general color tones, and the extent of purplish or dark brownish tinges on the upperparts. The Plumbeous Pigeon shows a reasonably strong preference for tropical and subtropical forest, although it can also adapt to taller second growth, and it is found at elevations up to about 1900 m. Given the species’ undoubted abundance, it is surprising how little is known of this pigeon’s general ecology and breeding, although the Plumbeous Pigeon is more often heard than seen.

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