Pernambuco Foliage-gleaner Automolus lammi

  • © Ciro Albano

Confined to the Pernambuco Center of Endemism (hence its English name), this foliage-gleaner was, until very recently, considered to be a subspecies of the much more widespread and abundant White-eyed Foliage-gleaner (Automolus leucophthalmus). Recognition as a separate species has focused on its strikingly divergent vocal characters, as its morphology is very similar to that of its southern counterpart. Given that loss of the ‘new’ species’ Atlantic Forest habitat has been virtually catastrophic north of the Rio Sao Francisco, to which region this foliage-gleaner is confined, it is probably already globally threatened. In an interesting coincidence, the Pernambuco Foliage-gleaner was described as a subspecies by John Todd Zimmer, and raised to species status by Kevin J. Zimmer 60 years later.

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