Pale-winged Trumpeter Psophia leucoptera

  • © Joe Tobias

Of the three species of trumpeter, this is the southwestern representative of the superspecies. The Pale-winged Trumpeter occurs from northwest Brazil south to northeast Bolivia. A recent record from southeast Colombia is assumed to pertain to an escapee from captivity. Most of the plumage is uniform black, but the Pale-winged Trumpeter is easily identified by its large white to ochre hindwing patch. This species is an inhabitant of mature lowland forest, below 750 m, usually in areas far from human settlements. Like other Psophia, the Pale-winged Trumpeter is a group-living species, with each group defending its own territory. The birds feed principally on fruit pulp, but some arthropods and even small vertebrates are also taken opportunistically. Perhaps surprisingly for what is a principally ground-dwelling bird, the nest is placed in a hollow tree trunk up to 11 m above the ground.

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