Paradise Tanager Tangara chilensis

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Thraupidae
  • Polytypic: 4 subspecies
  • Authors: Nikki L. Berneberg and Kevin J. Burns


  • Year-round
  • Migration
  • Breeding
  • Non-Breeding
Distribution of the Paradise Tanager
eBird range map for Paradise Tanager

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Distribution in the Americas

The Paradise Tanager is found in Amazonian Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, the Guianas, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador at elevations of 100– 1100 m, but occasionally can be found as high as 1700m in the tropical zone (Restall et al. 2007).

Distribution outside the Americas

Endemic to the Americas.


The Paradise Tanager typically occurs in tropical lowland evergreen forests and secondary forests (Parker et al. 1996, Schulenberg et al. 2007). Paradise Tanagers are usually seen in the canopy ca 25-50 m above the ground, but occasionally can be found at the forest edge in lower branches, or in a clearing near fruiting trees (Isler and Isler 1987). In a study done in Peru, Diamond and Terborgh (1967) found that Paradise Tangers are found in the upper branches of fruiting trees and are never found in areas without full tree coverage like at river mouths or flood plains in this area. In Eastern Ecuador, they have been found in the scattered trees of the lowlands and foothills (Ridgely and Tudor 1989).

Historical changes

No information.

Fossil history

No information.

Recommended Citation

Berneberg, N. L. and K. J. Burns (2011). Paradise Tanager (Tangara chilensis), version 1.0. In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.